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Phase Two: Rx Pinball Program

Since Project Pinball Charity was founded back in 2011, we developed a master plan to guide our road ahead and with several detailed phases that would shape our impact through pinball.

At this time, we are proud to announce that we are ready to launch publicly our charity’s Phase Two. Phase Two is our new Rx Pinball Program which is a STEM and special needs development program. If you are not familiar with what STEM is, it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM aims to foster collaboration skills, logical reasoning, and inquiring minds. It is an amazing educational program that we can involve many aspects of a pinball machine, with therapeutic and education benefits as our priority. We can really show children and their families how much “pinball” can do for them.

Phase Two will be the introduction to our STEM and Special Needs Programs that we have developed in partnership with doctors, nurses, specialists, professors, teachers from medical and educational settings and other professional fields.  This will go hand and hand with our pinball machines that we have placed and will be expanded upon with every new addition to our children hospital and Ronald McDonald Home pinball machine locations.

As a complete integration, our goal is to help assist the child life specialists to not only keep it fun and interesting for the kids, providing a therapeutic release, but to also teach them something in the process. Each hospital is different and have different needs for their patients, that is why we felt it was important to keep the development programs flexible, with the ability to be tailored to our hosts’ specific needs.

Phase Two will also open the school doors to local communities. We are activity offering our Pinball STEM programs to Lee and Collier county schools.


Please follow our progress. For more information, you can find us on our website www.projectpinball.org  You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well!

Thank you for your continued support, gifts, donations, and kind words to help us grow as a pinball charity.


Best Wishes,

Daniel Spolar

Project Pinball Charity