25 Pinball Machines
23 Children's Hospitals
15 States


RMHC of Eastern Wisconsin

Milwaukee, WI

RMHC of Central Ohio

Columbus, OH
Pinball FX

Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital

New Haven, CT
Star Trek

Stony Brook Children’s Hospital

Stony Brook, NY
Wizard of Oz

Hackensack Meridian Health Network

Neptune , NJ
Jurassic Park

Omaha Children’s Hospital & Medical Center

Omaha, NE
Iron Man

Children’s Hospital Colorado

Aurora, Colorado
Iron Man

Sunrise Children’s Hospital

Las Vegas, NV

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

K. Hovnanian Children’s

Neptune, NJ
Bad Cats

UNC Children’s

Chapel Hill, NC
Wizard of Oz

Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

Baltimore, MD
Iron Man

Baptist Hospital of Southeast Texas

Beaumont, TX

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Columbus, OH

UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital

San Francisco, CA
Star Trek

MassGeneral Hospital for Children

Boston, MA
Wizard of Oz

Advocate Children’s Hospital

Oak Lawn, IL
Iron Man - VE

Palm Beach Children’s Hospital

West Palm Beach, FL

K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital

Neptune City, NJ
Police Force

St. Louis Children’s Hospital

St. Louis, MO
Star Trek

Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida

Fort Myers, FL
Spider Man


  • Andrei Massenkoff

    Child Life Teacher at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital

    Pinball is an exceptionally interactive, fun, and sensory experience. Bringing a pinball machine into a children’s hospital exposes children and families to pinball, – some for the very first time – giving them the excitement of the opportunity to explore something that is more than likely a novelty to them. One thing that makes pinball at a children’s hospital very useful is the fact that pinball is a physical game, but a game a child can exert control over by simply pressing two buttons in a way that is not physically demanding. Pinball also offers a patient distraction from any potentially negative aspects of a hospital experience through pinball play. I support the work of Project Pinball because the organization takes the simplicity, excitement, and, most of all, fun of the game of pinball, and shares it with patients and families in children’s hospitals in order to give them positive and memorable experiences. In any hospital, they can enjoy the very unique experience of playing pinball as an engaging counterpoint to any negative experiences they might have to endure during their hospitalization and in their daily lives.

  • John Williams

    VP of Strategic Planning and Business Development at Omaha Children’s Hospital

    Learning about Project Pinball and the positive impacts it has on patients and families was appealing. As we provide extraordinary care to our patients and families, we strive to offer additional ways to make their stay more pleasant and comforting. Project Pinball’s mission is very much aligned with our patient-centered culture. Children’s Hospital & Medical Center is looking forward to the arrival of the Shrek pinball machine and the smiles and fun it will bring to our patients and families.

  • Joe Dacy

    Parent of Patient at Advocate Children’s Hospital

    We faced challenges as a family during Zach’s many stays in the hospital. One of those challenges was getting him out of bed away from the video games, his tablet, and the confinement of his hospital room. With the help of Project Pinball, we’re know the Iron Man pinball machine will bring more children out of their beds and onto their feet to gather with their parents for a few mi. We hope it brings smiles. We hope it brings laughs. We hope it brings…hope!

  • April Slowenski

    Child Life Director at K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital

    Our machine will provide opportunities for children and their families to positively cope with the stress and pain of being hospitalized. Play has been proven to help children cope better with their hospital experience, as well as helping them to heal faster and we are so excited to welcome this pinball machine as a new tool to help accomplish this goal.

  • Lisa Barron

    Child Life Specialist at Palm Beach Children’s Hospital

    After the first few minutes of learning about Project Pinball I was “sold” and could not wait for our hospital to receive one. I doubt very many of our patients have experienced the lights, sounds, and speed of a pinball game in this video gaming world. It will be fun for all ages and genders and we won’t have to worry about scratched disks or batteries for controllers. We are so excited for this unique and different way our patients can cope with hospitalization.

  • E.H.

    Parent of Patient at St. Louis Children’s Hospital

    Hello! I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for your donation to St. Louis Children’s Hospital. My son was discharged from there today after spending Christmas in the hospital. He was diagnosed with cancer (brain Tumor) in June. He had a virus this time landing him in the hospital over the holidays. He was so happy to see the pinball machine you donated in the child life center. He is 11 and it is hard to find things he likes there. So, he agreed to drink enough water and walk into the child life center so he could play the pinball machine. HE LOVES PINBALL. His favorite is the Spiderman one at the hockey rink, but he also liked this star trek one. He was able to go home after playing. His smile when he was playing is priceless. THANK YOU!

  • Jesi A.

    Parent of Patient at St. Mary’s Palm Beach Children’s Hospital

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU PROJECT PINBALL! My daughter was in the hospital having her second round of chemotherapy. We were last here about a month ago, and since then there has been a wonderful surprise placed in the game room. This has been the highlight of her time here at the hospital since we’ve been back. So much so that I just wanted to show you our appreciation. What an awesome organization you are! Thank you! On behalf of Kylee and all of the other patients treated at St. Mary’s Palm Beach Children’s Hospital.

  • Michael Daddona

    Owner of Automated Services

    Being a patient in a hospital is a stressful experience for everyone, particularly for a child. It is my hope that having a pinball machine to play will let a sick child get his or her mind off of hospital life for a while and focus on having some fun.

  • Jamie Whipple

    Child Life Specialist, Advocate Children’s Hospital – Oak Lawn IL

    Hospitalization is just about the most abnormal developmental occurrence that can happen to a child. Any avenue that helps them feel more like a kid again or serves as a distraction from their hospital experience is beneficial. Parents will play the machine while their small child is in the playroom, school-age kids will stand on the stool and have their parent behind them teaching them how to play, and older teens have come to check it out with our volunteers. So, not only does it provide an escape – even if just momentarily – from the severity of the medical environment, but it also fosters bonding between parent and child when played together. From a child life specialist stand point, I might recommend a kiddo go check it out to help motivate them to ambulate or get out of the room for a change of environment. It is a good ploy for convincing our school-age children to check out the playroom and see that it is not just for little kids! Although we have only had the machine for a few short months, it is already a loved addition to our hospital! I know that I am excited to see more and more kiddos playing it and hopefully that means more and more smiles too!

  • Kim Moncla

    Baptist Hospital of Southeast Texas

    We are so blessed to work with Project Pinball. They are a fantastic charity organization that keeps kids at the heart of everything they do. Being in a hospital is difficult for children. In addition to recovering from an illness, injury, or surgical procedure, they are away from their toys and games and all that is familiar. To provide a shiny new pinball machine that will offer entertainment and recreation while they recover is something that all of us here at Baptist are so excited about! The donation will be located in our Teen Room donated by the Jr. League of Beaumont several years ago. The Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas Foundation relies upon the donors for support of needs great and small. We so appreciate Daniel Spolar, Project Pinball and their donors for supporting the Sacred Work of Baptist Hospital.

- Impact


“A pinball machine helps keep patients active by motivating them to get back on their feet, and gives family members and hospital staff a recreational lift.”

- Daniel Spolar, founder and senior director