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On The Break Summer 2016

The Break Arcade – Dunellen NJ @ 1PM


*This is the free side tourney, the only requirement is to give an offer to the charity
*Machines are on coin drop
*2 or 3 strikes knockout single game match and then finals PAPA style for top 8 or 12 (depending on number of players) so when 8/12 players are left we will do the PAPA style finals
*No extra balls
*We will play this during the qualifications for the Main tournament since the machines will not be use for qualifications so are not in the Main event! So starting time is same as in 2 pm!
*Finals PAPA style 4 players in 2 groups on 3 different machines choice by higher seed (can be 3 groups of 4) . Top 2 of each group will advance to the finals (next round)
*Director will make final decisions