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Charity Tournament @ Modern Pinball NYC


ALL AGES & FAMILY-FRIENDLY  with step stools available for smaller folk!

$20 to enter with half going to charity and other half to Modern Pinball NYC.

20$ wristband includes:

* Free access to all pinball machines
* In and out privileges
* 10% off food & drink next door at Mad Hatter
* Access to true pinball wizards! Ask and learn!
* Free WiFi!


Tournament Rules and Regulations:
We will have 6 rounds of Match Play (match play software) where players will be split in groups of 4 in a randomly assigned game. After round 1 players will be reassigned in a new group based on the performance of previous round (winner will play winner). Within groups the score software will assign points of 5-3-2-1 in 4 player group. Groups with 3 players will be slightly less. After 6 rounds, considering there are at least 20 players, the top 10 will go on for Finals. Order will be assigned by software.

All machines will be in tournament mode. A game can be picked only once throughout the ENTIRE tournament by the same player and no players can repeat the same manufacturer that has already been picked that round. For example, on round 1 a player could pick Tommy, Revenge and Prospector. After that they will not be able to pick any of those games/manufacturers in the following rounds if given the choice again. He/she must pick from another Manufacturer.

THERE ARE NO EXTRA BALLS! You must plunge and walk away (good for skill shot of touching flippers buttons before the ball will go in play). TILT through or play out of order is an automatic loss/last place.
IFPA rules will apply! Directors will make all final decisions.


Round 1: From 3rd to 10th place we will have 2 groups of 4 with a round of 3 games. The higher seed can pick a game or order. The higher seed MUST pick a game from one of the Manufacturers: Williams, Stern, Bally, etc. and no players can repeat the same manufacturer that has already been picked that round.  3 vs 10 vs 6 vs 7 and 2 vs 9 vs 3 vs 8

After the 3 games last place of each group will be eliminated!

Round 2 : The top 2 seed will be the “driver” of the 2 groups (1 vs 8 v 4 vs 5 and 2 vs 7 vs 3 vs 6) but in this round 2 last players after 3 games will be eliminated! The other 6 will be assigned based on their performance on round 1!

Round 3 : The top 2 of each group of round 2 will go into the final round! Again with 3 games per round and again the number 1 seed will be based on the performance on round 2 and not on qualifications!


Stern: Star Trek, Metallica, Kiss, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Mustang, and Wheel of Fortune

Bally: Shadow, Dr Dude, Scared Stiff, Corvette, Xenon, and The Six Million Dollar Man

Data East: Tommy

Midway: Revenge from Mars

Segasa: Prospector

Williams: Fish Tales, Demolition Man, Terminator 2, Whirlwind, Jackbot, Star Trek Next Generation, ,Gorgar, Judge Dredd, and Star Wars Episode 1

If a new machines arrived it will be put in one of these groups.