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Arcade Legacy Bar Charity Pinball Tournament

ARCADE LEGACY BAR – Cincinnati, Ohio at 1pm


Entry fee: $10 – limited to the first 24 players.

With each entry you will receive one entry for our raffle!


Qualifying will be groups of 3 or 4 that play one game on 6 different pinball machines. Your scores on each game are logged and you will receive points based off of how your scores stack up against ALL other participants’ scores on that same game. For example, if there are 24 players and you get the top score on a game, you will receive 24 points. If you get the worst score, you will get 1 point. Depending on participation the number I take to finals will vary, but at most 50% of the qualifiers will make finals. For finals, again, depending on participation, there could be people that receive byes. Finals will be 3 or 4 player groups playing PAPA style (4,2,1,0), until a winner is crowned.

Tentative Games:

JM, NF or The Shadow, GB Pro, TWD Pro, GOT Pro, KISS Pro, Starship Troopers or Lost in Space, LOTR (will only be used if picked in the finals).

50% of all entry fees are benefiting Project Pinball!!