Charity Challenge

The Project Pinball Charity Challenge is a way to give to charity while challenging your friends in a way we all love, through pinball competitions!

It will not take a huge commitment, but it would be a tremendously fun way to challenge your friends and family to a pinball challenge while helping the patients and families of the Children’s Hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses!

How It Works:
You can select another player to challenge to a head to head match on a pinball machine for purpose of raising money for charity. The match can be 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 games to be played.

$5 dollars for each player donated to Project Pinball Charity, so the total would be $10 per match.
Player refusal to accept a challenge is asked to still donate $5.

  • Matches can be selected as a “Best out of” 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9. This can be select on the MatchPlay.Event page by the player challenging then determined by both players. We recommend the “Best of 5” to be the middle for time and commitment. All matches are considered the same for donation value.
  • Please Don’t forget to donate to help our charity in this fun way!
  • It can be on the same machine or different machines, it is up to both players to decide.
  • The Player that offers the challenge chooses the order of play for the first game
  • You can challenge as many different players that you can possibly play, then for subsequent games, the loser of the previous game chooses the order of play for the next game.
  • It can be in any location that the players see fit to play a match at.
  • If you wish to donate more, free feel to do so. We will put the extra donations to beneficial use as well.
  • This is purely for charity and fun. No gambling should be the rule.
  • If you feel a rematch his needed to best your challenger. You are able to enter again, and each match will count towards your standings and help unlock your Achievement Awards as listed below.

Keep in mind that the Named Challenger should be to someone that you have an opportunity to play pinball against. You would not want to challenge another player that would be too difficult to arrange a meeting point, especially if they are located in another country, city, state or other areas. You might want to plan around a pinball show or tournament that would high in attendance to get a good positive response.

Due unpredictable nature of these challenges, please do not overload a player. Please be respectful of their schedule and participation level. We encourage you to reach out to your challenger and ask them if they are free to play for better success.

We will have a Players List and Achievement Award to track participation levels on our Project Pinball Charity’s website page.

Achievement Award Levels:

  • 1 Match- Smiley Face $5
  • 3 Matches- Bronze Star $15
  • 5 Matches- Silver Star $25
  • 7 Matches- Golden Star $35
  • 10 Matches- Platinum Star $50
  • 25 Matches- Ruby Star $125
  • 50 Matches- Emerald Star $250
  • 100 Matches- Diamond Star $500

MatchPlay.Events will have a page to be able to track a player’s progress for their matches. This will include a win/loss chart and challenges faced.

How to Set-up your Project Pinball Charity Challenge on MatchPlay.Events:

  1. Contact players you wish to challenge to ask for their approval. Once they agree then ask them for their MatchPlay ID Number. This not the same as their IFPA Number. A player can look-up their ID Number at
  2. Go to
  3. Click CREATE CHALLENGE to start set-up up the match.
  4. Click the Donate Now to give your $5 donation to the charity. or go to this page:
  5. Select the challenge duration or how many matches will be used for the challenge.
  6. Select the player to be challenged by type his player Matchplay ID number. If you don’t know the players’ ID, we would recommend contacting the player first so they can tell you their ID number. Again, a player can look-up their ID Number at
  7. Wait for your challenged players to respond back by completing their MatchPlay request.

How to Announce your Project Pinball Charity Challenge:

You can have fun while announcing your challenges through Facebook. We recommend a short fun video calling out the players you wish to challenge. We have included a basic worksheet of the information that should be recorded during your Challenge Announcements.

In your Facebook video announcement, you should:

1. Have FUN.
2. State your Name
3. Please share the reason for the video. “To help Project Pinball Charity to provide more pinball machines to help the kids and their families at the Children’s Hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses.
4. State the People that you Challenge and use Facebook Tags to help people find the challenge.
5. Set Date of Challenge
6. Set Place of Challenge
7. Where to help donate at PAYPAL at
8. In post description please use #projectpinball for FB, Instagram or other social media.

You can print your own Challenger Announcement Sheet to display during your video here.

Thank you to Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen at MatchPlay.Events and Josh Sharpe at

For more information contact Project Pinball Charity at